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Meet the founder Marcia Horbacio

Marcia left her job as an employee of a state-owned corporation, where she had worked for 18 years in HR training and as a corporate teacher, to embark on a new professional path as an entrepreneur in Canada.

“I often say that when I set foot on Canadian soil, with ten suitcases, four kids, and $900 in my pocket, I promised I wouldn’t work for anyone but myself. After four months of deliberation, I got a job at a chocolate shop. I went there at 8 am, and at 2 pm, I thanked the boss and said it wasn’t for me. It was just those 6 hours in almost 20 years that I worked for another person. Since then, I have owned my own business.”

In 2013, no parenting schools in Brazil taught experts to educate newborns about sleep. Marcia Horbacio, a doula and sleep consultant in Toronto, Canada, since 2005, took the first sleep consulting course in Brazil at a California institution where she was on the faculty. She has trained over 400 students since then. In 2020 she launched CAPPE, CANADIAN PARENTAL AND PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION, to educate about parenting based on evidence rather than opinion. Marcia has vast communication experience, having been in various television programs such as Bem-Estar on Rede Globo de Televisao and presenting the TV show Bons Sonhos on Canal GNT in 2017. It is now available on the subscription streaming platform Canalis Globo. CAPPE has grown dramatically in just two and a half years by certifying numerous students and teaching hundreds of families. The collaborative team has grown to 14 people working towards happy parenting and a new generation of children who will be better human beings.

Cappe Education

Ana Maria Anselmo

Ana Maria Anselmo is a Brazilian living in New York since 2006. Ana Maria Anselmo has a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. Since 2009, she has been an instructor and collaborator on the “Baby Planner” course at the International Parenting and Health Institute (IPHI) and Brazilian initiatives in collaboration with other small businesses. In the American market, she is an entrepreneur in Southampton (NY). Still, his curriculum includes multinational companies such as Mattel and ESPN and national companies such as Editora Abril, United Mills, Grupo Lund, and Camargo Correa. At CAPPE, Ana is responsible for the entrepreneur and business plan courses.

Cappe Education

Hillary Ganek

Hillary Ganek, PhD, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT, is a research fellow in the Centre for Global Child Health at the Hospital for Sick Children in Canada.

Dr. Ganek’s research investigates how children learn to listen and talk in their natural environments and is published in numerous books and scientific journals.
She worked as a speech-language pathologist and certified auditory-verbal therapist, guiding families of children with hearing loss to listen and talk, in an Australian family-centred practice and as part of the cochlear implant team at Johns Hopkins in the US. Dr. Ganek has trained clinicians in Canada, Vietnam, and Ethiopia.

She has a bachelor’s degree in linguistics from McGill University, a master’s in speech-language pathology from Northwestern University, and a PhD in rehabilitation science from the University of Toronto.

Cappe Education

Maria Lopes

They got a degree in Nursing from Escola Superior de Saúde of Viana Castelo, Portugal (2004). They earned a graduate degree in Emergency and Trauma from CESPU Famalicão, Portugal (2008). In 2008 they obtained the certificate of skills for teaching and started teaching pediatric health to nursery staff through the Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional’s program. Specialist in Medical Surgical Nursing by Escola Superior de Saúde of Viana do Castelo, Portugal (2013). In 2014 they finished the mentorship course at King’s College in London, which opened the possibility of mentoring and contributing to the training of health professionals. In 2022, the Sleep Consultancy course was finished with CAPPE and founded Sleep Dreamers, a sleep consultancy company.

Cappe Education

Taís Andrade

She started her career with Marcia in 2017 as a personal assistant while living in Toronto. She is an executive secretary at CAPPE and studies English for academic purposes at NSCC, an institution based in Nova Scotia – Canada.

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