Cappe Education - Canadian Parental and Professional Education

Cappe Education - Canadian Parental and Professional Education

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Canadian Parental and Professional Education

CAPPE is a school in Toronto, Canada which provides online courses for parents and professionals interested in learning about parenting.

We firmly believe parenting choices should come from science, not just opinion, so we don’t choose sides. Our primary pillar is respect for all parenting philosophies and beliefs.


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Driving While Pregnant

Driving while pregnant is generally safe, but pregnant women may face challenges such as nausea, fatigue, and...


Unraveling children’s nighttime awakenings

Author: Dr. Bárbara Bechtlufft Night awakenings are natural processes occurring in both adult and infant sleep. When...

Cappe Education

Letting go of perfection in motherhood

Author: Marcia Horbacio As a sleep consultant, I often hear questions from mothers about my approach to...

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